At Mayfield Homecare, we provide exceptional personal care services in Warrington.

With a commitment to promoting independence and dignity, our experienced team ensures that every service user receives the highest quality of care, that covers all of their needs, and enables them to continue living a comfortable and fulfilling life.

Quality-Oriented Approach

Mayfield Homecare boasts a legacy of over two decades, dedicated to a quality-oriented approach.

We prioritise the well-being of our service users by continuously reviewing and enhancing our care services through staff training and valuable customer feedback.

Personal Care Services

Our fully trained and dedicated Warrington carers specialise in catering to a variety of unique needs, including care for those with learning difficulties, dementia, physical disability, and more.

They also specialise in providing respite care. From a few hours of cleaning to 24-hour care, we offer flexible assistance designed to maintain independence and dignity.

Personal Care Assistance

Personal Care Assistance:Ensuring comfort and dignity in daily routines.

Washing & Bathing: Promoting personal hygiene for optimal well-being.

Shaving & Mouth Care:Attending to grooming needs with sensitivity.

Toilet/Commode Assistance:Assisting with mobility and personal care.

Incontinence Support:Providing discreet and respectful help when needed.

Catheter Bag Care:Expertise in maintenance and disposal.

Domestic Support

Food Preparation:Ensuring nutritious meals for overall health.

Washing & Ironing: Maintaining a clean and organised living space.

High Standard of Cleanliness:Creating a comfortable and hygienic environment.

Leisure & Companionship

Escort to Appointments:Assisting in travel for medical or social commitments.

Holiday & Social Trips:Enabling participation in leisure activities.

Shopping Assistance:Aiding in grocery shopping for convenience.

Night & Daytime Sitting Service:Providing companionship and support.

Homecare Support:Independence at Home

Choosing Mayfield Homecare means opting for an alternative to care homes. We believe in enabling individuals to stay in the familiarity of their homes while receiving the necessary support to maintain independence.

Our Comprehensive Homecare Services

Domestic Work: Cleaning and tidying for a comfortable living space.

Meal Preparation: Assisting with nutritious meals for well-balanced diets.

Washing & Ironing: Managing laundry needs efficiently.

Financial Advice: Offering support and guidance on financial matters.

Shopping Assistance: Ensuring access to essential supplies.

Prescription Collection: Facilitating the retrieval of necessary medications.

Escort to Appointments: Ensuring attendance at medical or other commitments.

Expert Care at Home in Warrington

At Mayfield Homecare, we understand how important quality care at home can be.

Our commitment to providing holistic home care in Warrington is reflected in our dedicated services, ensuring the well-being and independence of our community members.

If you're looking for in-home elderly care in Warrington that prioritises quality, dignity, and flexibility, contact us today.

Our experienced team is ready to cater to a wide array of needs, offering a helping hand, and the opportunity for a comfortable and independent lifestyle.